About Mintel Food & Drink

What you need

What you need
when you need it

Mintel Food & Drink supplies the food and drink industries with world-leading market intelligence. We provide manufacturers and their suppliers with robust information, analysis and critical recommendations-so market leaders like you can make the right decisions, at the right time.

From data

From data comes
actionable intelligence

Data without perspective and applied expertise is useless. You need authoritative information analysed by experts in your industry who can provide the appropriate context for your business. Analysis that they turn into recommendations. Recommendations that can be turned into action-the kind that can make a meaningful difference.

The foundation of our market intelligence

We start by making a commitment to having the best-informed analysts. We search worldwide, looking for all the data that will provide a competitive edge. Then we supply them with the resources they need to cultivate game-changing recommendations, including:

  • New product innovations
  • Consumer trend information
  • Market sizes and segmentation
  • Restaurant menus and trends
  • Consumer reports and data
  • Industry news and events